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What is a Regal® Ambassador?

A Regal® Ambassador is an individual who wishes to build a business of their own through the direct selling business model that Regal Home and Gifts offers.  Recognized as the company’s greatest asset, Ambassadors are, in essence, partnering with the company to represent their products and programs in a professional manner to their personal contacts and others they meet within the community.  An Ambassador is an independent business owner who is excited to represent the company and the tremendous variety of products within their community to help enhance people’s lives.  Regal provides Ambassadors with extensive support and training to develop their skills and enable them to achieve their desired level of success.  Communication is also very important when partnering with the company, so Regal has set up monthly webinars, monthly newsletters and three Facebook groups where Ambassadors are kept equally informed of any new updates or announcements, as well as success tips and recognition for exemplary efforts.

Why should I become a Regal® Ambassador?

If having a business of your own is attractive to you, whether that means earning a bit of extra income each month just to help make ends meet, or wanting to replace your current income with full-time earnings, Regal is the place for you.  If having camaraderie among other business entrepreneurs from whom you can learn from and inspire them in return, Regal is for you.  Start-up is very simple and quick.  You can be in business for yourself within minutes of applying.  The direct selling industry has enabled individuals to build a dream lifestyle that others cannot even imagine. The level of success is directly related to how well you apply yourself, and how teachable you are to learning from those who have gone before you.

How does a Regal® Ambassador earn commission?

By simply sharing the Canadian iconic Regal catalogue with everyone you know, and meet, you are in business and well on your way to shaping the future you and your family desire. Your customers can shop the catalogue, or browse your own personal referral website which is provided to you at no cost. Any time an order is placed with your account, you can virtually hear the ch-ching of those earnings. All those product purchases are credited to your account throughout the month, and by the 5th day of the following month, your earnings are deposited directly into your personal bank account. It’s that easy! Earnings range from 12-35% depending on your status level. There are no restricted territories within Canada, so there is no limit to where you build your Regal business or how much you earn. Earnings are totally based on the effort you place in your business.

What other benefits do you get from Regal Home & Gifts?

As a Regal Home & Gifts business builder, you not only have opportunity to earn unlimited income, but as you grow your business, you will also benefit from freedom of time, freedom to choose when and with whom you work, and you will develop tremendous business skills along the way.  At Regal Home & Gifts, we believe in rewarding great efforts, so in addition to commission earnings, there are opportunities to earn recognition gifts and rewards… not to mention tremendous satisfaction in the difference you are making in individuals’ lives.


1: Make Regal® Work For You – Earn the Extras in Life®

Regal Ambassadors are rewarded handsomely — up to 35% commission — for their efforts in promoting Regal Home & Gifts throughout their community. What a great way to earn extra income and enjoy the finer things in life. Whether you are looking for extra income to help make ends meet, or want to enhance your lifestyle will full-time income, Regal can help.

Regal catalogue in hand

2: Share The Regal® Experience

The Regal catalogue, having been a Canadian icon since 1928, is known by all. Just mention the name Regal and smiles appear, with great memories of years gone by when Mom or Grandma always had Regal catalogues around the house. As a Regal business builder, you will want catalogues on hand wherever you go, because the moment you mention that you are building a Regal business, a catalogue will certainly be requested. It’s that easy!

share the experience

3: Treat Yourself – You’re Worth It

As a Regal Ambassador you can purchase products for your business or for personal enjoyment, and either way, you can receive up to 35% savings from retail value. What a great way to promote your business at every celebration event by gifting your loved ones with Regal products, making your shopping easy and cost efficient. Your customers will also be begging for the next catalogue as Regal produces a new issue about every two months, filled with fun and unique items.

treat yourself

Getting Started & Apply Today

To get started — please complete the Regal® Ambassador Application and purchase a Regal® Starter/Business Builder Kit using the links below. Once we have received and processed your application, you will receive a welcome e-mail confirming your Ambassador details.

Please note that Regal is not licensed to conduct direct selling activities in Northwest Territories or Nunavut, due to government impediments in those areas.

Step 1: Apply Today

Complete the Regal® Ambassador Application using the links below.

Complete the Application Online
View/Download the Printed Application

Step 2: Purchase a Basic Starter Kit or Business Builder Kit

Choosing the right starter kit for you is critical. If you are seeking to build your Regal business on a more casual basis, simply showing the catalogue to a few friends, the Basic Starter Kit may be adequate. However, if you are seeking to build a profitable Regal business by not only distributing the catalogue, but also showing products and conducting your business in the various ways that successful Regal Ambassadors are implementing, then the Business Builder Kit is not only a great investment, but will reap you significant returns. Click on the Kit below that best describes your level of ambition.

Order a Basic Starter Kit $18.99
Order a Business Builder Kit $99

Questions? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you can’t find the answer on our FAQ page, please e-mail