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1. Is there a cost to become a Regal® Ambassador?

Yes, there is a nominal investment of just $17.99 for your Starter Kit, which will include 12 catalogues, order forms and other sales materials.

2. What are the qualifications to remain an “active” Ambassador?

New Ambassadors are required to sell a minimum of $150 worth of products within their first 90 days, and an additional $100 by end of the calendar year, in order to remain active and continue to receive commission for product sales. Likewise, existing Ambassadors are required to sell a minimum of $250 per calendar year to remain active and receive commission for product sales.

3. Does Regal provide training for new Ambassadors?

Regal recognizes the importance of providing Ambassadors with ongoing personal development, in order for them to achieve their desired success, so training is at the center of how Regal offers ongoing assistance. Here are just some of the ways in which Ambassadors are kept equally informed and given opportunity to expand their skills: Monthly webinars on the last Monday of every month; News & Views newsletter e-mailed on first Friday; Product Spotlight e-mailed mid-month; Recorded training sessions are posted and stored in Regal Facebook group and on YouTube; and special training programs such as 21-Day Challenge are offered multiple times per year. Your success is important to Regal!

4. How do I increase my commissions?

Earned Commission is based on products sold, including that which is purchased by the Ambassador and his/her customers. It does not include the purchase of catalogues or any other sales tools. To increase the commission level, Ambassadors simply need to increase their YTD (year-to-date) product sales. YOU choose how soon you want a pay raise, based on your activity.

5. What is the compensation plan?

New Ambassadors can earn 12-35% commission on all products purchased by themselves personally and their customers, with the various commission levels determined by their YTD (year-to-date) product sales. The detailed compensation plan can be viewed in the Getting Started video that is included in the new Ambassador’s welcome e-mail. Should you wish further details prior to registering, simply contact

6. Will Ambassadors need to pay for catalogues or orders in advance?

Catalogue and Starter Kit orders can be paid for by VISA or MasterCard credit card, PayPal, or Interac e-Transfer. For VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal payments, a pre-authorization for the order total will be obtained at the time of submission of the order. For pre-orders of upcoming catalogues, the charge will be captured at the time your catalogue order is submitted.

Product orders that are paid by VISA, MasterCard credit card, PayPal, or Interac e-Transfer, a pre-authorization for the order total will be obtained at the time of order submission, with a charge captured only when your order ships.

7. Can my customers place their orders directly, and how will I get my commissions?

Customers may place their orders directly from their Ambassador’s personal referral website, and have the order delivered directly to their own address. This referral website is provided to new Ambassadors at no extra charge. The URL is provided within the Ambassador’s welcome email shortly after registering, and it includes their password for entering the dashboard (back office) where many tools are available for tracking and managing their Regal business.

8. Your were previously a sales rep; how can you continue to sell Regal® products?

Previous Regal® independent sales representatives, who will now be referred to as Regal® Ambassadors, are required to re-register and follow the same process as other new Ambassadors. See Become a Regal Ambassador page about the Ambassador sales program and application process.

9. Will Regal® still be able to offer a personalized website?

We are initially focusing our development efforts on building the general website so that the products can be ordered online. Once that is nearing completion, and after consultation with some interested Ambassadors, we will determine how best to offer a personalized website. In the meantime, Regal does provide each Ambassador with a personal referral website URL that they are encouraged to pass on to all customers and prospects. When they visit your referral website, they will see your name, contact information and ID# at the top of Home Page. All products purchased on your personal referral website earns you commission. Your referral website URL is (“XXXXXXX” being replaced with your 7-digit Ambassador ID# as confirmed in your welcome email).

10. What is the Regal Home & Gifts return policy?

The customer or the Ambassador may request return authorization within 30 days of receipt of a product. The product may be returned by the customer either to the Ambassador or directly to us within 30 days of the date of the return authorization. The Ambassador can choose to resell the returned product to another customer, or to return it to us. For unused products in resalable condition, we would issue a full refund of the product price paid (either directly to the customer or to the Ambassador [upon receipt of proof of a refund having been issued to the customer], depending on how the original payment was made). A restocking fee would be charged if the product was returned absent parts/manuals, or if used. More details on the Return Policy are provided at the bottom of your referral website and on the customer order forms.

11. What products are taxable?

Sales tools:

  • Catalogues and Starter Kits are exempt from tax (as of about August 2017)
  • Builder Kits are subject to tax (since they contain primarily product intended for resale)
  • The celebration event and training events are subject to tax (identical to classes)
  • All other materials (order forms, shopping bags, etc.) are subject to tax


  • All products are subject to both federal and provincial sales tax, with the exception of:
    • Books – subject only to GST (or the federal portion of the HST, i.e. 5%) – “books” means items you generally think of as books, and includes cookbooks; it does not include magazines, crossword or similar puzzle books, colouring books, etc.
    • Food — _grocery_ items are zero-rated (i.e., exempt from tax); snack items (which includes chocolate bars, candy, etc.) are subject to tax [this is why you pay tax on a single doughnut, but not on a box of 12; a single doughnut is a snack food, a dozen doughnuts are not expected to be consumed by one person at a single sitting and so are treated as a grocery item]

12. Est-ce que le catalogue sera disponsible en français? / Will the catalogue be available in French?

La première édition du catalogue ne sera pas disponible en français. La disponibilité d’un catalogue français sera déterminée plus tard cette année.

The first issue of the catalogue will not be available in French. The availability of a French catalogue will be determined later in the year.

13. You are a Status Indian living on a reserve; do you pay tax?

In accordance with federal tax rules, the federal portion of the HST is not charged on shipments ordered by Status Indians for delivery to a reserve, upon provision of one’s status card/band number. Provincial sales taxes or the provincial portion of the HST may apply depending on the province and its regulations. Please note that products purchased by a non-status Indian, even if delivered to an Ambassador on a reserve, remain subject to GST/HST at the standard rate.

14. What is the relationship between Regal Home & Gifts and Golda’s Kitchen?

The companies are two separate entities which happen to be owned by the same people. Initially, we will be leveraging Golda’s Kitchen’s existing order processing and fulfillment operations to process Regal Home & Gift orders. There is no change to the operating model of Golda’s Kitchen; it remains a direct-to-consumer retail business (either ordering from the website or visiting the retail store). Ambassadors who wish to pick up orders will be able to do so from the Golda’s Kitchen store in Mississauga, Ontario.

15. How can you find more information?

The phone number to reach a customer service associate at Regal Home & Gifts is 905-814-REGAL (7342). We are also accessible via e-mail at for any questions.