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Fred Pritchard

Fred Pritchard, FCPA, FCGA

President & Owner, Regal Home & Gifts Inc.

Fred is a Fellow of the Chartered Professional Accountants Association & the Certified General Accountants Association with over 25 years experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, property management, professional services, software development and retail.

Founded in 1999, Fred is co-owner of Golda’s Kitchen, Canada’s leading online retailer for cookware, bakeware and cake decorating products based in Mississauga. Golda’s Kitchen has been honoured by the Canadian Gift and Tableware Association as Kitchenware Retailer of the Year.

In 2013, Fred became a Fellow of the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada. He was inducted into the Canadian Retail Hall of Fame by the Retail Council of Canada in 2012. In 2003 he received the CGA Ontario distinguished service award for his extensive volunteer efforts with the accounting association and the local community.

Currently is a member of the Board of Directors for the MyStore Division of the Retail Council of Canada and is Chair of the Finance Committee. He is also volunteers as the Treasurer of his local Tennis club. Previously he has been involved with several organizations including acting as Treasurer of the Milton Federal Liberal Riding Association, The Lesbian Gay Community Appeal, Treasurer for the Gay and Lesbian Counseling Centre, Vice Chair and Treasurer of the Refugee Information Centre. He has also acted as an auditor to the campaign of an MP and an agent to the campaign of an MPP.

He was also very active for CGA Ontario and has sat on the Discipline Committee, was a member of Discipline Tribunals, lectured, marked student assignments, and invidulated student exams. He also spent 10 years in various roles with CGA Toronto Chapter becoming Chair in 2001-2002.

Howard Goldstein

Howard Goldstein

Vice President & Owner, Regal Home & Gifts Inc.

Howard grew up in St. Laurent, a Montreal suburb, the eldest of two children. His father was an accountant who ran his own business. Young Howard got into computers in the 1970s, “when nobody had computers.”

With a degree in computer science and engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, Howard worked for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) for 11 years, in information systems. When he and Fred Pritchard got together, Howard was flying to Chicago regularly for work. “It was too much,” Howard says. They contemplated moving to the U.S., to cut down on Howard’s travel time, but decided not to, partly because there was no recognition of same-sex benefits, which they had in Canada.

Then came the July 1st long weekend in 1999. “We were at my parents’ country house on Lake Champlain, where I’d spent summers since day one,” Howard says. On the way back to Toronto, he stopped at Ares, a huge restaurant supply store near Montreal, “to get some kitchenware I couldn’t find in Toronto.”

Howard is a baker. He once made 50 different desserts from scratch for a holiday party he hosted with Fred. His nickname is Golda. He loved prowling the aisles at Ares, the largest kitchen retailer in Canada.

On that fateful drive back to Toronto, Howard and Fred talked about how deprived Torontonians were, not to have an Ares in the neighbourhood. “None of the major U.S. kitchenware retailers were shipping into Canada,” Fred says. “Williams Sonoma wasn’t here. There was no national kitchenware chain in Canada. If there had been, I might not have done this.”

In 1999, they took the leap and launched goldaskitchen.com. Howard built the website by customizing an existing software package and writing some of his own code. He devoted himself to the new business full time, searching out product, dealing with suppliers, packing shipments, while Fred continued his day job and helped in the evenings, after work.

By September 2001, they were so busy they decided to open the store. “In 14 to 16 months we went from zero to ‘this is too much,'” Fred says. Fred joined the business full time in early 2003, though neither partner can remember exactly when. “It’s a blur,” Howard says.

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Matthew Kositsky

Matthew Kositsky

Director of Operations

Matthew is very detail oriented, and experienced with inventory management and lean production. These strengths enable Matthew to instruct the operations team in getting orders through the warehouse quickly and efficiently from printout to package hand-off, meaning orders are processed in a timely manner. Matthew has also done most tasks in this [the] building which means he can quickly resolve any operational issues that arise on a daily basis.

As an operations team leader, Matthew monitors the status of products between our internal systems and the website. Matthew oversees the warehouse to ensure we have sufficient shipping supplies and that orders are getting packed in a timely manner. Matthew oversees shipments and address any delivery issues with our carriers (Canada Post and FedEx). Matthew monitors orders to see whether they can be partially shipped when new inventory arrives, and he oversees back-orders with our team. Matthew also oversees website enhancements.