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Regal® Fundraising Program Overview

Welcome to the Regal® Fundraising Program! We are very pleased to assist you in running a successful campaign, in order to attain the funds required for your special cause. You can choose to promote Regal products in two effective ways:

  • Quality Regal Catalogue
    The Regal Catalogue has been a Canadian icon since 1928, which makes promoting Regal to your supporters really easy. Everyone loves Regal!
  • Your Own Regal Referral Website
    Providing supporters with the option to browse and purchase from your own Regal referral website enables the organization to see campaign progress in real time from your back office.

Achieving your campaign goals is made easy by having your Regal Ambassador work with one individual in your organization, who will serve as the bridge between your supporters and Regal.

Fundraising Campaign Preparation

The best way to get started is to meet with your Regal Ambassador to plan:

  • Why you are seeking to raise funds
  • Expected number of supporters
  • Who can serve as the primary contact person for the organization
  • Would you prefer to work with catalogues, online shopping, or both
  • What are your campaign goals

Who Can Fundraise?

Regal Home & Gifts provides opportunity for any organization to raise funds for a temporary need, or hold long-term campaigns to provide ongoing relief. Such organizations may include charities, private clubs, schools, day cares, sport teams, churches, ministries, and more.

Full Training & Support

Your Regal Ambassador will provide full orientation before launching your campaign. This can be done with all decision makers of your organization, or with a designated contact person.

Orientation will include:

  • How to place orders
  • How to track progress through back office tools
  • How and when your organization will be paid
  • What resources are available to ensure a successful compaign

It is recommended that this orientation take place immediately upon registering the organization with your Regal Ambassador, and while waiting for your catalogues and website to arrive. Moving forward, your Regal Ambassador will be just a phone call, e-mail or text away throughout the campaign, so never hesitate to make contact.

Launching Your Fundraising Campaign

It is recommended that you kick-off your Fundraising campaign in a big way. Depending on the type of organization, we suggest sending a letter to all potential supporters, announcing the reason for this campaign and highlighting how they can benefit by buying Regal products that their family can enjoy, or purchase for gift-giving. Thank them for their support and provide instructions on how to place their orders — via catalogue and website. A sample letter can be provided. We also suggest you invite potential supporters to a special event, if possible, so your Regal Ambassador may show some of the Regal products, and supporters can take home a catalogue. Your Regal Ambassador can explain at this event how to place their orders and answer any further questions they may have, ensuring a smooth campaign. It is always most effective when launching a fundraising campaign live, when possible.

My fundraisers like the paper catalogues and the easy ordering and delivery process. They like that I always make myself available for questions, even manning a Regal table during their Fall Bazaar.” — Diane, Milton ON

Follow-Up with Supporters

It is important to send out reminders to all supporters as the campaign progresses, especially when a campaign is open-ended, meaning there is no end-date scheduled. This follow-up can be done by letter, e-mail and/or at events. We suggest following up one week after launch and then monthly thereafter. If your campaign has an end date, we suggest sending one last letter the week before the end date, to encourage “last chance” orders.

Receiving Orders

If your supporters live within the same community as your organization, all orders can be delivered to your contact person by your Regal Ambassador, with individual invoices attached to each order for easy distribution. Each supporter will be charged a percentage of their order value to help defer shipping and handling costs. Your Regal Ambassador will notify you of how long supporters should expect shipment to take from the time orders are submitted, but typically, orders are processed within 1-2 business days from the time they are received at the home office and then the transit time depends on the shipping destination.

Thanking Your Supporters

We recommend including a thank you note in each order with the organization’s contact information. Ask your Regal Ambassador for a template of this thank you note, that you can tailor to your own organization. This is another opportunity for the organization to remind supporters of the goals set for this campaign and to encourage them to keep promoting the Regal catalogue to all their friends, family members and co-workers.

Building Excitement for Your Fundraising Campaign

One of the keys to success with a Regal fundraising campaign is to offer incentive prizes. This is often done within schools, day cares and other similar groups, but there is no reason why it could not also be implemented with any organization. Decide what your goals are and how much the organization is willing to invest, in order to achieve those goals. In fact, incentives don’t need to cost a lot or anything at all. Here are just a few creative and fun ideas to consider as incentives for achieving goals:

  • President shaves his head
  • Teacher/Coach gets pie in the face
  • Top promoters earn a pizza party
  • Top class earns double recess

You can also offer individual awards to top sellers. Or perhaps have a number of prizes that are drawn with the names of all who participated in the campaign, giving one ballot per order. Perhaps supporters who have a business would like to donate prizes, and receive the recognition for doing so. These types of incentives add fun to the campaign and create a unified mission to promote it throughout the community.

Tools & Resources

  • Regal iconic catalogues, with over 400 products per catalogue
  • Referral website with back office
  • Order forms
  • Order Summary Sheet (to accompany each catalogue)
  • Fundraiser’s Check List to Success
  • Posters, post cards, letters
  • Ongoing personal support

Fundraising Made Easy

  • WE handle your supporters’ payments, deliver the orders, address any product exchange/returns, and work very closely with you throughout the entire campaign.
  • YOU simply need to promote the campaign and deposit the funds you raise.

I have done Regal Fundraising campaigns, and the program is great because clubs don’t have to do a lot of work other than circulate catalogues. — Dolores, St. Brieux SK

WATCH Fundraising Made Simple

View a brief video presentation below on how simple fundraising is with Regal Home & Gifts.

Getting Started & Apply Today

To get started — please complete the Regal® Fundraiser Application using the links below. Once we have received and processed your application, you will receive a welcome e-mail confirming your Fundraiser details. If you are in contact with a Regal Ambassador, be sure to indicate their name and Regal Ambassador ID Number on page 1 of the application. Otherwise, a Regal Ambassador experienced with fundraising will be assigned to you.

Complete the Regal® Fundraiser Application using the links below.

Complete the Application Online
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Questions? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you can’t find the answer on our FAQ page, please e-mail