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Regal® Membership Program

Regal Home and Gifts values the commitment and interest of former Regal sales representatives who were not very active in direct selling, or who no longer wish to engage in direct selling on a regular basis. Those former representatives may still wish to purchase Regal products for themselves and their immediate families.

For those who would like to work with one of our dedicated Ambassadors and receive full service, our customer service team is happy to put you in touch with an existing active Regal Ambassador in your area; please see for more information. For those who prefer a self-service model, we have launched a new Membership Program for former Regal sales representatives.

For the low fee of $10.00 (+ GST/HST) annually, a copy of the Regal catalogue will be mailed to you each time a new one is published (currently 5 catalogues per year), you will have access to online catalogues and flyers, and you will receive discounted pricing when you shop from the website.

This program differs from registering as a Regal Ambassador. Ambassadors are individuals who build a direct sales business by promoting Regal in their communities, with a focus on earning the extras in life. With a Regal Membership, you are making personal purchases and receive a discount with every order placed. When logged in to the website, the product prices are discounted below the printed catalogue prices. A single copy of each catalogue will be mailed to Members when new issues are published (currently 5 times per year). There is no application to fill out, no starter kit to purchase, and no annual sales requirements. You simply buy directly from Regal. Just click on the button below and it will take you to the Membership purchase page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does it work?
After you have purchased your membership, the Regal team will review and process your account in our system. Upon approval, we will send a welcome e-mail and you will be ready to shop. You will also start receiving catalogues in the mail.

2. If I apply for membership part way through the calendar year, do I pay the full $10?
Membership runs for a 12-month period, so when purchasing membership, you receive membership privileges for a full 12 months, regardless of when you register.

3. Does my membership renew automatically each year?
Regal will e-mail you a notice when your membership is about to expire, so you may renew at that time. If your membership fee is not paid by your expiry date, your account will be closed, but you are welcome to re-open your account at a future date.

4. What address will be used when I receive catalogues in the mail?
Regal will mail catalogues to the Billing Address provided in your account. Please ensure the billing address listed in your account is accurate and updated when necessary. Please note, product orders will be sent to the Shipping Address you provide during checkout.

5. Can I place my orders by phone?
Regal provides members with a website ( from which to place their orders at their own leisure, any time of the day or week. If assistance is required when placing online orders, a customer service representative is pleased to assist you via e-mail at Membership is a self-service option, so no phone support is offered. Customers who would like to receive a more personalized level of service are encouraged to work with a Regal Ambassador.

6. Are there any restrictions to the Membership program?
Participants in the Membership program are not permitted to engage in direct selling activities of any kind. Purchases made as a participant in the program must be for the personal use of the member and their immediate family (defined as those living in the same household as the member). You cannot accept or submit orders for product on behalf of any other person. You may share your copy of the catalogue with friends and co-workers, however they must submit their own orders to be shipped directly to them. Direct selling activities are governed by the applicable provincial law(s) and contraventions are subject to penalties and fines. If you would like to engage in direct selling, you must register as a Regal Ambassador and cannot participate in the Membership program.

Questions? Please e-mail or visit our Contact Us page.